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Giovanni M. Alvisa


We report the interview with Dr. Giovanni M. Alvisa interviewed recently:

"Giovanni M. Alvisa, a long-time professional, has real estate in his DNA but above all he has a profound knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the trends of the real estate market. Over the years he has established himself as a prominent personality and point of reference for knowing from close to a fascinating and controversial reality like the Sardinian real estate market is not only In this last quarter various bodies in the real estate sector have recorded a positive trend in the market compared to the same period of 2020, is there this perception also for the Sardinian market? Can you give us your impressions on this as a professional?"

"My impression is undoubtedly positive, in the last two years the region is experiencing a new rebirth, a great desire to do and develop new activities, a situation in its embryonic stage but which represents, in the Sardinian real estate market, the springboard for that recovery that we all hope for. There has certainly been an increase, also thanks to the parallel sector represented by Judicial Auctions, which, encouraged by new incentives implemented this year, has contributed substantially to the restart of sales, bringing the offer to decidedly interesting prices and consequently also dragging the demand towards new commercial reasoning. Let's say that, today, those who decide to sell a house do so for real and necessary needs, making the range of offers available at competitive prices As regards new buildings, how is the Sardinian market currently moving? Unfortunately the situation on the new market is not the best, this is because in the past too much has been built without knowledge of the facts. This inevitably led to the creation of a real estate bubble which generated residential developments in which the majority of homes remained unsold. Therefore, construction companies today, before carrying out new interventions in the area, need to get rid of the real estate assets in their possession, but not always, companies choose to update prices and therefore the available offers often come with exorbitant prices which make marketing difficult. One of the main branches of the real estate market in your region is that dedicated to holiday homes. Can you give us some information on this? In our region the tourist market is one of the flagships, especially in the northern areas of Sardinia where demand has always been high. Added to this is the fact that in the last two years we have witnessed a general decrease in prices. This has created an ideal situation for those who want to invest in a second home in Sardinia. Here there is a strong demand from foreigners from France, Germany and the United Kingdom, in particular the French are among our best customers, which is also predictable given the proximity to Corsica. Focusing on foreign investors can be a good resource for moving the real estate market. In your opinion, what strategies should be applied by operators? As regards improving performance, I would say that intervention at a government level is essential to encourage the purchase, through a reduction in taxes for second homes, which in Italy are among the highest ever. On a promotional level, we work a lot through web strategies and relations with foreign countries, with the aim of encouraging foreign investors capable of taking over those important building interventions which will then be proposed to their own compatriots. Both of these activities allow us to gain broad visibility as well as the opportunity to place certain offerings located in high-demand seaside locations."



My mission is to truly address clients' problems, create a synergistic interactive system of help and support in real estate disputes. Housing is a right, not a privilege. Solve the problem of access to mortgages, of the inaccessible and unjustified fluctuations that prevent the circulation of money and the benefit that derives from the stable acquisition of the house.


In everything I do, I am dedicated to building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients, based on integrity, transparency and commitment to their well-being. I am here to transform the process of buying and maintaining a home into a rewarding and fulfilling experience, putting the needs and dreams of those who choose us at the centre.

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