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Intelligent Solutions

Thanks to over twenty years of experience in the real estate and legal sector, we can boast collaboration with various players throughout Italy, from all the preliminary documents up to the conclusion of the sale, with the involvement of all professionals strictly divided by sector: surveyors, engineers, architects, lawyers, marketing consultants and IT operators. Business diversification is the unquestionably winning weapon for every practice, in favor of the customer and interconnected with an important digital transformation project, with the ability to adapt to a constantly evolving market.

Our Services

Intelligent Solutions

Advanced Investment Solutions: Teams of Synergistic Experts that Lead to Success

Professional Hub

Professional Hub: Lawyers, Notaries, Builders United for Commerce and Smart Solutions.

Prime Property Auctions

Excellent Real Estate Auctions: the Best Real Estate Offers

RentalHomes Inc.

RentalHomes Inc.: construction site under construction

Support Consulting

Digital Support Consulting: Expert Solutions for Advanced Tax, Financial, Tax and Real Estate Disputes

Network Solutions

Digital Community Nexus: Connecting Solutions for an Interconnected World

Empowering Communities

Strengthening Communities: Our Commitment and value in the contribution of the best professionals in the area.

Ready to find out more?

Our innovative services range from the sale of real estate, residential, commercial solutions, with the use of drones for photographic services, international advertising campaigns, presence in the most authoritative and clear global impact newspapers, expert legal consultancy also in the specific dispute resolution problems, contracts, bank bad debts, balances and write-offs, real estate auctions to reach the perfect profitable real estate solution.



Studio Venti, Olbia

Studio Vannini, Reggio Emilia

Varsellona lawyer, Milan

Parodi lawyer, Rome

Criminal Lawyer Ruzzittu, Olbia

Studio Pozzati, Lugano

Civil Lawyer Decandia, Olbia

Parodi lawyer, Rome

Notary Pistilli, Olbia



Intelligent Solutions Palau 

Intelligent Solutions La Maddalena

Intelligent Solutions Porto Cervo

Abbiadori Intelligent Solutions

Intelligent Solutions Olbia

Intelligent Solutions Baia Sardinia

Intelligent Solutions Porto Rotondo

Intelligent Solutions Milan

Intelligent Solutions Rome

Olimpia by Raffaele Cadelano, Cagliari

I serve Real Estate

Monfalcone Agency Friuli Venezia Giulia

Casa Aspetti Salerno

Delchicca Agency, Florence

Delchicca Agency, Livorno

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